Hi! My name is Alex.

I’m a recent graduate from Cornell University with a masters degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering and a bachelors degree in both Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering. I currently work with Adrian Sampson in the Computer Architecture and Programming Abstractions research group and will be returning to Amazon in September as a software engineer.

I am fascinated in problems that lie in the intersection of hardware and software; where abstractions play a powerful role. In particular, I am interested in systems, computer architecture, and programming languages. Specifically in utilizing the entire stack to build secure and performant systems.

Outside of Cornell,

I’ve done internships at NASA and Intel as an embedded software engineer working on real-time operating systems and computer vision. I then joined Cavium (and later Marvell which acquired them) as a hardware engineering intern working on the RTL design and implementation of a cryptographic accelerator and also a clock-based power optimization for PCIe on their flagship SoC. Most recently I interned at Amazon as a full-stack software engineer building new services and APIs.

I’ll be returning to Amazon in the Fall as a software engineer on the SageMaker Neo and Inferentia team!

I am very excited to help make machine learning systems more accessible and performant with AWS. My work will mainly involve compiler development and contributing to the open source TVM framework.

Currently, you can find me:

As for technical skills,

I’m well-versed in Java, Python, OCaml, C, C++, and Rust. On the hardware side, I’m well-versed in Verilog and SystemVerilog as well as Synopsis and Cadence’s ASIC PnR tools. I’m also proficient in basic full-stack development with Javascript, HTML, CSS .

Check out my resume for more information!